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New Theory Podcast

Sep 29, 2018

Tom chatted with Ron Johnson of Esteem Engine a Non-Profit focusing on building esteem for inner city youth through a wide range of initiatives:

Sep 29, 2018

EPIPHANY: One Man Will Level The Field Author Jarl Jensen joins Tom on the New Theory Podcast. Check out Jarl's book here: Check out our other podcasts here:

Sep 27, 2018

Tom chats with Sean Kelly the Founder and CEO of Jersey Champs. He went from his mothers basement to running a multi million dollar online Jersey website. They break down step by step how he did it. To learn more, go to:

Sep 17, 2018

Tom hosts Viviane Nantel as she shares her journey of becoming enlightened. Learn more about Viviane:

Sep 15, 2018

Mike is from New Jersey as has eaten nothing but Pizza for the last 40 years! Listen to Tom and Guest Host Michelle ask Mike about his dedication to Pizza.