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New Theory Podcast

Sep 23, 2020

Tom chats with Sonia and Sylvie who are two extremely successful   female Entrepreneurs launching an innovative beauty marketplace.  Their story is amazing and a must listen.

Learn more about their store here:

Sep 23, 2020

Tom chats with Joseph Alvaro author of the Lucky Ones.  Having been through unspeakable tragedy losing both his wife and daughter, he has a positive approach towards life and is working to help others along the way.

Check him out here:

Sep 18, 2020

With tours cancelled, stay at home orders issued and social distancing changing the landscape of live concerts and comedy shows/performances, for both fans and performers, one man is introducing a solution without leaving the comfort of home. Ryan "Bubba" Ginnetty (director/production manager) launched a Los...

Sep 18, 2020

Lindsey Walker is a cancer surviver, Entrepreneur and PR Agency owner.  She shares her story and tips on why Public Relations is important to establishing your legacy.

Learn more about Lindsey here:

Sep 16, 2020

Tom chats with Trump supporter Gene Panasenko and share his views on why Trump should stay in office.

To learn more about Gene, go to: